Business performance

Business performance


Textile industry machinery, gondola control panel, centrifugal separator, etc.

  • Cheil Industries' Tianjin factory processing and consumption. Spinning facility relocation trial run
  • Cheil Industries' Daegu factory's processing facility relocation to Gumi and commissioning
  • Gondola electric control panel production (about 30 units/month)
  • Centrifugal separator installation trial run (Royal Precision)
  • P.P bag automatic cutting control device development


Control panel related to automobile parts production, centrifugal separator, CRT related facility control panel, etc.

  • Press facility control panel renovation and peripheral facility automatic control panel
  • Leveller Feeder machine manufacturing and electrical control panel manufacturing
  • Spin Coating M/C(12Head~24Head)
  • Gas Sealing M/C & Neck Sealing M/C etc.
  • Epoxy molding equipment and electric control panel development


Monitor production logistics system, R.O water treatment facility, rubber-related facility electrical control, etc.

  • Design, manufacture, and installation of an integrated P, C production line electrical system in Gunsan KDS
  • Supplied 6 axes of multi-joint robot.
  • R.O water treatment facility electric control system development, installation, commissioning
  • Development of electric system for secondary curing machine and remodeling of 110 ton curing press, etc.
  • Development of other electric control systems


PDP, LCD production logistics control construction. Rubber product related facility control system Stocker & C/V logistics line control work, glass production control facility work

  • SDI: PDP production line 1~3 control construction
  • SCP: Glass production line and packing facility control work
  • SEC: Polarizer assembly machine, silicon applicator and LCD line recycling dumper control construction, automatic warehouse and conveyor line, laboratory inspection machine, etc.
  • Pyung Hwa Oil Seal: 2nd curing machine, applicator, washing machine, 50 ton press machine and punching finishing machine control system
  • Quantitative extruder, press material automatic feeder equipment and control system
  • Waste water purification facility (DEF-System), LPG charging facility control system, etc.


Glass production control facility construction, stocker & C/V distribution line control construction Film automatic equipment, LCD assembly line logistics work

  • SCP: Glass production facility KN01~KN11 LINE and semi-finished packing remodeling facility control work (repair work for each line)
  • SEC: Silicon remodeling work, laboratory inspection equipment, stocker C/V logistics work, KORENO logistics work
  • Pyung Hwa Oil Seal: Automatic film equipment
  • Heesung Electronics: LCD assembly line logistics work and renovation work


BOE China Hefei Logistics Line, Glass production line, SEC Silicon Facility SMD vacuum logistics line DSC C/V line control work

  • BOE (China): C/V logistics line, stocker facility
  • SCP: GLASS production line construction and repair work
  • SEC: Silicon dispenser remodeling and relocation work
  • SMD: Vacuum logistics line, LAMINATOR control work
  • Renovation and expansion of the production line of Corning, USA
  • GVO and ROYOLE evaporator
  • SDC stocker and logistics
  • China MP AUTOMATION LD & UNLD line construction
  • Taiwan: Expansion of GLASS production line (TC03,TC09,TC17)
  • Secondary battery appearance inspector
  • EDO Laser ablation inspection equipment control unit manufacturing
  • Corning Precision (FDM facility improvement work)